Woman must not Lie Woman needs to know if she must have to rely on herself to make money to make living, the only way she may tool to make money is to be a Real Prostitute (Real prostit 酒店經紀ute must always stay at her own room, must not be allowed to have sex with anyone out of her own b 票貼ed. That means she may go out with any male who likes to buy her meal immediately after he had sex with her, but she must 辦公室出租 not be allowed to become so called "call girl" or so called "Escort"; in order to be "Call Girl" or "Escort", she must be a pure virgin and absolu seote free of charge.) that Chinese said "Chwon.Peel.Role.Chain". Other than real prostitute, she can only tool her gifted and talent to live or die absolute free of char 21世紀房屋仲介ge; when she tool her gifted and talent to live or die, she must not give any birth, not mention to be called Mom by anyone. Woman must not lie, therefore, woman must not be allowed to show 澎湖民宿 up on any stage to have any voice, because showing up on stage, she must lose right to offend any naive (you offend naive, you provide more path and stick to offer more tools to be slaved controlled by evil d 591oer that most invisible way) good better best (Because you offend good better best, you must lose the best minority to work for your team to help you to be better) or less evil (You have no way to offend any evil doer, because any less 保濕面膜 good less evil are more welcome to be slaved controlled by evil doer) audience (That how your sucking shameless brainless cold cold hard politician must not be allowed to yell or show any behave like those boxers inside bars or those NBA players on the floor of 代償 Court showed.) , not mention to side with anyone who is richer, more famous, more powerful, more forceful than her for her sucking selfish gang or gain.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 新成屋  .

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