What your life for? Angus Tung knows better than 孫文-“Dr. Sun Yat-sen ” did. "人生.Boot.10.1.Food.5.Way.Moon.Deed" "人生.Way" Find and meet your only true love.That can tell you how suck the western medical school must be that even one of their best students -“Dr. Sun Yat-sen” failed to see that "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay" liar Angus Tung can sing. A man could not even be good enough to see what life really for, no wonder he could not hav 住商房屋e the common sense and brain cell to know that second class citizen {孫在當地英國聖公會史泰利主教創辦的用英語授課的小學「意奧蘭尼書院」(Iolani School)修讀英語、英國歷史、數學、化學、物理、聖經等科目。1881年畢業,獲夏威夷王親頒英文文法優勝獎。入籍了美國,獲得美利堅合眾國公民身份,並得到了美國護照及受美國政府保護。http://zh.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title 禮服=%E5%AD%AB%E4%B8%AD%E5%B1%B1&variant=zh-hant#.E5.90.8D.E5.AD.97} must have no right commit "強.True.Tall" crime (Because if you are the best one, you must have to be the back for the one second to you; you are not the best one, you must not have the shame to show your second class citizen face value on the First line up.) If money is your only True Love, you must not use mo 酒肉朋友ney to buy and sell, and you must do all you can to get all money back your arms and not to use it once under your watch. Therefore, if you are really "Shore.Chi(na).Nuke", you must rather starve to die not ever to use any of your money, then you can have the extreme righteous Satan to respect you enough to stand in your side to spare you from dragon down, you will not go to hell in any way. 酒店工作The example of 孫文-“Dr. Sun Yat-sen” "強.True.Tall" crime can tell you how important that a man must have to score the points of Chinese said "Show.Sheng. 7.Job" first before he can have the shame to talk "Zhi.Gwall. Ping.Ten.Shot" on stage. 孫文-“Dr. Sun Yat-sen” spoke narrow minded slavery linked Cantonese already taken away his any hope to score "Show.Sheng" point, that may explain how come he failed to se 新成屋e his Job integrity that be a doctor, must have to do all man power can to save every life, no matter that life is your enemy or your friend or any stranger, a doctor must have no right to talk about revolution(That may explain how come he failed to see what made American the greatest Nation not because "Chwon.Jane.Power.Lead", because their military like old time China Dynasty to have the great guts to allow the people to own the sa 房屋買賣me fire arms they can get to make self-defense, and tell all those Chinese who studied in USA to write to Chin Dynasty to demand them to offer every Chinese man who can know how to use gun to shoot to get a gun free of charge to help every one of them to be able like American man to own fire arms to be a man to guard his own life, to guard his be loved to kill and to be killed in the most merciful way.), not mention to be the head of that revolution team; beca 個人信貸use 孫文-“Dr. Sun Yat-sen” spoke narrow minded slavery linked Cantonese(China Communist too suck to dare order all their slaves to kill every overseas evil Chinese who dare speak narrow minded slavery linked Cantonese instead of kissing their ass to become those sucking evil Cantonese slavery to eat China Communist back. Just see how those sucking singers 甄妮 , Steve Chow shamelessly showing off their sucking Cantonese sung on stage to figure out their coward) , therefore, 苗栗旅遊his all linked must have to bend to those stupid bad ugly evil narrow minded slavery linked Cantonese that already climbing around the world that gave those "Huang.Whore" gangsters grouped liars the sticks to eat all less evil coward Chinese bonelessly to got the worm bed to enlarge dark deep hole to dragon down entire China into unknown hells.This is why all you Taiwanese must speak Mandarin only, forget your narrow minded slavery linked "Mean.Nun.What", "Taiwan What" must be Mandarin, so that you can 信用貸款 have the hope to score "Show.Sheng" point that you must need to have that score in order to do a good job for any duty - to be a husband, to be a mom, to be a teacher, to be a doctor, to be a nurse..... and The Most important duty(Because if you failed to find and meet your only true love, anyone less good than you must not have that good luck either.) to find and meet your only true love.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 酒店兼職  .

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